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Latest Projects:

  • Building the largest IP-TV platform,
    in Ultra-HD 4K resolution
  • 11 New antenna installations
  • Expansion of the Teleport Facility

Juch-Tech’s legacy continues with the purest North American IP access point from Canada and the best of breed technologies.


Juch-Tech’s government services are also available on X-Band XTAR. Contact us for more information.

We’ve upgraded our iDirect HUB services

and doubled capacity!

Upgrading platforms for our African, Middle Eastern, and Arctic services. Enjoy new coverage, with 100% continental service of Africa and new offerings for the Middle East.

In our latest expansion to the Teleport, look forward to New Technologies, Antennas, and Services!

Prepare for the best, your clients deserve it! Contact us now at sales@juch-tech.com or call our 24/7 NOC team where it will be our pleasure to take your call personally (+1-905-573-9449 ext. 7000) to assist with your future needs.

Keeping up with the Ka and affordable Fibre backup services? Our competitive advantages are People, Technology, and Value of Service in our tried and trusted C-Band and Ku-Band offerings!

If you find your Ka service spotty, we have the cure! We go where Ka doesn’t. Start your free trial today and join the F.O.B. Revolution!

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