Satellite Terms

What does availability mean?

Space segment availability refers to the expected time that the Bit Error Rate will exceed the maximum amount, taking into account the predicted rain fade and performance of the receiver equipment in relation to the received signal.

What is the full names of TDM/TDMA and SCPC?

These are two different technologies used by satellite networks. TDM/TDMA stands for Time Division Multiplexed/Time Division Multiple Access. SCPC stands for Single Channel Per Carrier.

What is a BUC?

Block Up Converter, it up converts and amplifies modem information for transmission to the satellite.

What is an LNB?

Low Noise Block Down Converter, it down converts and amplifies signals received from the satellite for transfer to a receiver.

What is an OMT?

Ortho (or orthogonal) Mode Transducer, this device separates and directs signals of two different polarities, i.e. Horizontal and Vertical or LHCP and RHCP.

What is LHCP and RHCP?

They are orthogonal senses of circular polarization Left Hand or Right Hand and Circular Polarization.

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